Remember the 90’s Victoria’s Secret Models,

Sex & the City

and the Pussycat dolls?

Well the truth is that fitness is not a size and that Bombshell is a state of mind.

  I am my own Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Supermodel- and from  my stretch marks to my body’s “softer spots” I appreciate my sexy self-worth.”

While there is only one way to be a Barbie.

Every woman can be a Bombshell because we all come in so many sexy ages, heights, ethnicities, and shapes.

I’m creating a three-month Operational Bombshell program. And today is an invitation to test it out for 1 week for free!

Become a Bombshell…

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(Bombshell Warning: Our first online Bombshell fit club session starts this Wednesday!)

Want to know more?

Check out the short under 2 minute Bombshell video below (p.s. what do you think of my blue eyeshadow- it’s a first for me, the typically awkward makeup girl).



Make me fit & sexy…

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This is the real world Gorgeous.

And while I can’t make it all perfect.

I can help to make sure that every day you feel beautiful.

With motivational messages,

5-21 minute workout plans,

and short and simple meal plans that fit easily into your sexiest and busiest of days.


Welcome Home Bombshell

You + Me

Operational Bombshell

Test it out for 7 days.


If you love it and want to stay – then my lil  heart with burst with happiness to have you home!

And your Bombshell Fit Club membership is $6/week or $21/day for 3 months-cancel anytime, (whichever is easiest for you Gorgeous).

If in 7 days your test it out and it’s not for you, that’s ok too Gorgeous!!
Either way, you get access to Bombshell fitness tips to help you be even healthier and sexier in the beautiful skin that you are in!

I want in!

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