Looking for 10 women who want to get in shape by summer…

Phase 1: The Buns & Booty Plan

Phase 2: Tush & Abs

Phase 3: The Sports Model Method

This 3-month program runs from March 15th-May 31st


What shape do you want your body to be in for Spring of 2017?


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Two convenient payment options,

1 Coach who sends you personal messages, videos, and tracks your progress,

and 10 women from various cultures, ages, sizes and shapes who support each other a private Facebook “Bombshell Fit Club”, a fitness group of women who love staying healthy on a budget.


Membership to the Bombshell Fit Club requires that members check-in with their coach once a week (via email, facebook comment or post). This is not just a general fitness group but a Bombshell accountability group of women who love to have a coach by their side whipping their sexy buns into shape.

A few days ago I had a complete breakdown.

I’ve never been able to afford a “proper bikini” for my Body Building bikini shows (usually, they retail in-between $200-$500).

I found a hot pink bikini with rhinestones on sale.

But as soon as I opened the box, my heart dropped.


It was too small.


I had a motivational self love video playing on YouTube, but no matter which way I turned, I felt ugly.


Absolutely nothing like the 90’s era Victoria’s Secret models that I would dream of. I posted the video below to Facebook and was instantly surrounded by family and friends.


This is what our Bombshell Fit club is about. It’s not that you won’t every moment will be a perfect one. But that you will have the perfect team around you.

Girls who care about you.

Workout and meal plans that fit easily into your schedule.

And a coach that reminds you that you’re beautiful, every single day.








I am my own Bombshell.

And I wake up every day LOVING how I look.

Make me even sexier…

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